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Instructions to Authors

Per annum: Full-time students A/US$20.00; other individuals A/US$32.50; secondary school libraries A/US$34.00; other libraries and institutions A/US$46.50. Subscribers receive two issues of Ramus per annum. Price per single issue is 60% of the appropriate annual subscription price. Postage, packing and bank charges relating to cheques and transfers in foreign currency are included in these prices. Payment should be made out to Aureal Publications and sent to the publishers, to whom all orders and enquiries should be addressed.

All back numbers are available and may be ordered from the publishers. Substantial discounts apply on orders for three or more volumes within the

latet arbore opaca
aureus et foliis et lento uimine ramus...
corripit Aeneas extemplo auidusque refringit
cunctantem, et uatis portat sub tecta Sibyllae.
(Virgil, Aeneid 6.136f. and 210.f.)
Hidden on a dark tree
Is a golden bough--gold its leaves and pliant stem...
Aeneas snatches it at once and rips it off avidly
As it resists, and takes it beneath the seer Sibyl's roof.
(tr. A.J. Boyle)


Ramus and its publisher are linked by the reference to this passage in the Aeneid. For Aeneas, the golden bough (aureus ramus) is the talisman which allows him passage through to the Elysian fields and the promise of understanding; for readers of the Aeneid it is something that itself requires interpretation for an understanding of the poem. This catalogue of books published by Aureal Publications, together with the articles published in Ramus, represents this publisher's contribution to a greater understanding of the culturally seminal works that we know as classical literature.

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-- in the Ramus Monographs series:

Existentialism and Euripides: Sickness, Tragedy and Divinity in the Medea, the Hippolytus and the Bacchae, by W. Sale (Ramus Monographs 1, 1977).

An examination of what are probably Euripides' three best known plays in the light of theories developed in existential psychoanalysis. This is a profoundly humane study that brings out Euripides' insight into the psychology of human beings and into the gods and demons with which they people their world.

En conjunto, pues, nos parece que éste es un estudio sugerente y discutibile, escrito con claridad y basado en una lectura nueva de los famosos textos trágicos de las tres piezas más interesantes psicológicamente del drama antiguo.


Interesting and stimulating.

Journal of Hellenic Studies

Paper, 142pp.

ISBN 0 949916 01 3

A$24.00 US$18.00 £stg10.80 (recommended)

Horace's Lyric Poetry: The Force of Humour, by Peter Connor (Ramus Monographs 2, 1987).

The author sees humour in Horace as 'a positive force of, and in, his engagement with the several ideas and attitudes he explores'. Far from being peripheral or tangential, humour functions as an integral element in the Odes; this analysis of its place in the total experience of reading these poems significantly enhances our perception of !he quality of Horace's achievement.

Full of interesting, well-documented and stimulating comments on the Odes.

Journal of Roman Studies

A book which Horatian scholars will generally find worth consulting for a fresh approach to the individual Odes.

Greece & Rome

Paper, 221pp.

ISBN 0 949916 07 2

A$24.00 US$18.00 £stg10.80 (recommended)

Tragic Aporia: A Study of Euripides' Iphigenia at Aulis, by C.A.E. Luschnig (Ramus Monographs 3, 1988).

The self-consciously literary nature of this tragedy is well brought out in this study. Aporia in its widest sense, the gulf that exists between myth and reality, is shown to be the unifying element in the play; the only way to bridge this gulf is through the medium of art. Iphigenia's choice, which sets up an ending as startling as any in Euripides, is revealed as ultimately an aesthetic one.

Il faut conseiller la lecture de cet ouvrage. L'auteur dégage en effet puissamment la cohérence de l'oeuvre et produit une interprétation globale intéressante.

Revue des Études Grecques

Paper, 130pp.

ISBN 0 949916 09 9

A$24.00 US$18.00 £stg10.80 (recommended)

Ovid and the Monuments: A Poet's Rome, by A.J. Boyle (Ramus Monographs 4, 2003).

This book examines the representation of the monuments of the city of Rome by the last of the great Augustan poets, Ovid, who was himself banished from Rome's urban spaces. All Ovid's descriptions of the city's monuments are presented, translated and analysed within a coherent topographical framework. A literary and historical introduction and detailed literary, historical and cultural commentary focus not only on 'factual' matters pertaining to the buildings themselves but on the larger issues of cultural identity, the ideology of place, and poetic and political power. From Ovid's text the physical city emerges both as the embodiment and monumentalisation of past and present and as the site of an intense ideological struggle over the meaning of romanitas or 'Roman-ness'. It should be of interest to all students--literary, historical or archaeological--of Augustan Rome. All Latin and Greek texts are translated.

Paper, xviii + 318pp. with 4 maps, 32 plates and 4 indexes

ISBN 0949916137

A$70, US$56, £stg32(recommended)

-- book versions of special Ramus issues:

Ancient Pastoral: Ramus Essays on Greek and Roman Pastoral Poetry, edited by A.J. Boyle.

This volume contains the seven specially commissioned essays on Theocritus, Virgil and Calpurnius Sicilus which first appeared in Ramus Vol. 4 no. 2 (1975). All the contributors are specialists in the field of classical pastoral.

The articles by Boyle and Coleman are required reading for students of the Eclogues


On a fortement le sentiment d'y retrouver partout la marque du maître d'oeuvre.

Revue des Études Latines

Paper, l48pp.

ISBN 0 949916 00 5

A$24.00 US$18.00 £stg10.80 (recommended)

Virgil's Ascraean Song: Ramus Essays on the Georgics, edited by A.J. Boyle.

A publication in book form of the special number of Ramus (Vol. 8 no. 1, 1979) devoted to the Georgics. As well as seven essays by distinguished scholars in the field, this volume incorporates an introduction and an index of passages cited.

What is offered is literary criticism of quality...It enables the reader to put the Georgics in proper perspective as the masterpiece that it truly is.


J'espère que j'aurai donn?au lecteur l'envie de se reporter a cet ouvrage. Il pourra en apprécier toute la richesse et se sentira lui-même invit??de nouvelles investigations.


Paper, 124pp.

ISBN 0 949916 02 1

A$24.00 US$18.00 £stg10.80 (recommended)

Seneca Tragicus: Ramus Essays on Senecan Drama, edited by A.J. Boyle.

This volume contains the twelve essays on the plays of Seneca that were commissioned for Ramus Vol. 12 (1983). This original and unique collection (the only one so far published in English) covers the whole range of Seneca's dramatic output and will be of interest to scholars and students in classics, drama, English and European literature and comparative literature.

An extremely useful book for those interested in teaching Senecan tragedy or becoming familiar with more recent Senecan scholarship that accepts the author on his own terms.

The Classical World

Readers should all find something to their taste and much that is enlightening and stimulating.

Greece & Rome

Cloth or paper, 256pp.

ISBN 0 949916 06 4 (hbk)

A$45.00 US$33.75 £stg20.25 (recommended)

0 949916 05 6 (pbk)

A$30.50 US$22.90 £stg13.70 (recommended)

The Imperial Muse: To Juvenal Through Ovid, edited by A.J. Boyle.

The first of two volumes devoted to Roman literature of the empire, this book version of Ramus Vol. 16 (1987) contains ten essays on authors of the Julio-Claudian and Flavian periods together with an introduction by the editor. As usual, all essays were specially commissioned from experts in their respective fields and reflect a wide range of interests and literary methodology.

[The editor] introduces the volume by suggesting the need for a contemporary reassessment of post-Augustan literature. This volume makes a significant contribution towards this goal.

Classical Review

This exciting collection of essays...reinforces the idea that the literature of 1-150 AD, far from being an artificial imitation of the previous age, is steeped in but not at all shackled by tradition and exhibits an artistic excellence uniquely imperial.

The Classical World

Ces essais atteignent leur but qui est de montrer que la littérature impériale n'est pas seulement une littérature de réponse mais aussi une littérature de choc.

Revue des Études Anciennes

Paper, 214pp.

ISBN 0 949916 08 0

A$30.50 US$22.90 £stg13.70 (recommended)

The Imperial Muse: Flavian Epicist to Claudian, edited by A.J. Boyle.

This second volume, the book version of Ramus Vol. 18 (1989) and 19.1 (1990), comprises thirteen essays on Roman literature of the middle and late empire. Authors covered include Statius, Valerius Flaccus, Silius Italicus, Tacitus, Apuleius, Ausonius, Ammianus, Prudentius and Claudian.

The editor has once again been remarkably successful in finding contributors who can write sympathetically on their authors.

Classical Review

L'opera interesser?specialmente gli studiosi dell' epica latina, sia per il numero e l'ampiezza dei relativi contributi, sia per la rilevanza dei temi trattati, primo tra tutti il rapporto con la realt?politica e culturale del tempo.



ISBN 0 949916 10 2

A$45.00 US$33.75 £stg20.25 (recommended)

Roman Literature and Ideology: Ramus Essays for J.P. Sullivan, edited by A.J. Boyle.

In addition to ten specially commissioned essays covering a range of Roman literature from Plautus to Juvenal, this volume contains an appreciation of Sullivan's life and work (including a complete list of his publications in classics and other fields) and the text of the first J.P. Sullivan Annual Lecture given by Professor Boyle at the University of Califomia, Santa Barbara, in March 1994. In the theme on which it focuses and in the quality of its contributions, Roman Literature and Ideology constitutes a worthy tribute to one who did so much to further the study of Roman literature.

More than most Festschriften , this one evinces a definite consistency, not so much in subject matter...as in critical tenor and theoretical outlook. Its contributors have paid fitting homage to Sullivan.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

The essays contained in [this book] are too important (and accessible) to be reserved for senior scholars only. My copy has already been liberally borrowed by my undergraduate students...The book is a self-referential sign of the state of at least one major area of classics today, the health of which is indebted in part to Sullivan and other pioneers in the opening up of classical scholarship to the intellectual forces of the late twentieth century.

Greece & Rome

A Festschrift for J.P. Sullivan, and a suitable tribute in its warmth of appreciation and in its willingness to play the edges, take chances, upset the old routine--or even the new.

Classical Review

Paper, 269pp.

ISBN 0 949916 12 9

A$49.50 US$37.20 £stg22.30 (recommended)

-- texts and translations

The Eclogues of Virgil, translated with introduction, notes and Latin text by A.J. Boyle.

As stated by the translator in his preface, the primary purpose of this book is to provide an English translation of Virgil's Eclogues (with exegetic notes and a factual and interpretative introduction) suitable for the student of ancient pastoral who has little or no knowledge of Latin. With its line for line correspondence to and accurate rendition of the original, it constitutes an excellent text for use in courses which study classical literature in translation.

Boyle's success is remarkable and sets a new standard for the translation of Latin poetry.

Guy Lee

Boyle's rendering must impress upon readers of Latin at all levels the grace and felicity to which translation can attain.


On lira avec plaisir les trente pages d'une introduction bien équilibrée.

Revue des Études Latines

Cloth or paper, 142pp.

ISBN 0 949916 03 X (hbk)

A$24.00 US$18.00 £stg10.80 (recommended)

0 949916 04 8 (pbk)

A$8.50 US$8.00 £stg5.00 (recommended)


Editorial Board


Professor A.J. Boyle
Department of Classics
University of Southern California
Los Angeles CA 90089-0352
E-mail: aboyle@usc.edu
Dr Helen Morales
Faculty of Classics
Cambridge University
Sidgwick Ave
Cambridge CB3 9DA
E-mail: hlm31@cam.ac.uk



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